Sunday, September 19, 2010

my babys wear their black

My baby wears black
She wears the black  
 She wears her black
On her back
She wears her black

Will you run with me

Oh come with me
I promise you’ll be
The one to see
Oh come with me
The world you’ll see
Will belong to me
Watch me be
The one they see
Is what they want me
You know they’ll be
At end with me

Saturday, September 11, 2010

control the civilian population of the United States

I think that we as Americans are going to begin experiencing what the rest of the world has been experiencing for the last 20-30-40 years. When that happens, of course the government doesn't want to risk popular uprising. They don't want to risk that there will already be mechanisms in place for people to make change. They don't want to risk that there will be people already prepared to fight back against the crackdown that's sure to come once resources get scarce. And so I'd certainly say that the Patriot Act, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, all the other recent anti-terrorist legislation we've seen is meant more to control the civilian population of the United States.

On the day I papered this blog 338,000 nonviolent Americans prisoners

On the day I papered this blog 338,000 nonviolent Americans prisoners of the war on drugs are locked in a cage designed for the violent, the day I wrote this blog these same prisoner agonized over the separation from there mothers, siblings, fathers, wives and children, on the day I wrote this blog these same prisoners where on constant alert to avoid being attacked by the violent inmates in or near there prison cells, on the day I wrote this blog I become the voice of those 338,000 inmates and there millions of family members affected by the triaged of having a loved one snatched from there homes and in poisoned, I'm there voice and I will only say to you what they would scrim across this land if only giving a chance that I've got, and I will only say to you the truth as formed by facts and evidence not believes and opinions. We must end this war on are people and stop allowing Americans to lock each other up in cages that where created for childmoelesters, rapist and murders!! I'm not soft on crime I'm just hard on unjustified punishments handed out daily to nonviolent drug a fenders.

Marijuana was made illegal in 1937 after former assistant alcohol proabishanst commissioner Harry Amslinger often labeled the father of the war on drugs took over the newly formed federal burrow of narcotics later known as the D.E.A.
Amslinger said there was a 100,000 Marijuana smokers in 1930's he also says that most are " Negroes, Hispanics, philipinos, an entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing results from Marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relation with Negroes, entertainers an others. The primary reason to out law marijuana is its affect on the denigrate races. Marijuana is a drug that produces in its users insanity, criminally and death" these racial and ignorant statements where made by the government of yesterday, and the unjust laws created from these words are being enforced by the government of today.
Some have said that our prisons are like country clubs I'm here to tell you that behind these walls of these so-called country clubs lies the worst spirit of desperation every imagined. Behind the walls of these country clubs are daughters are suffering the indignity of being striped searched on a daily bases are fathers have no privacy during shower or toilet time are friends and family are subject to constant abuse from current prison guards that belong in prison themselves. Are sons are in constant fear of being stabbed or even raped, let me announce to you today these location housing are citizens are not country clubs but dungeons and they maybe the place of the violent predator of this land but they absolutely positively not the place for the dossal Marijuana users of this nation, pot smoker do not belong in jail, stand up and tell America we will no longer go to jail for pot!
Any person who is even the slightest bit informed knows what the mood of our nation is saying, the mood of our nation is saying stop these unreasonable arrest, the mood of our nation is saying let use be free, the mood of our nation is saying release our nonviolent prisoners of war and allow the to return to there families.

Lets reexamine are unjustified drug laws because the criminal side affects of going to jail are worse then the drugs them self. This is not 1957, this is 2007 the evidence clear Marijuana is much safer then alcohol in fact I will go as far to say Marijuana is safe and when my kids get to age where they start experimenting with subsists I would rather them smoke pot then drink because at lest I know that they will live through the pot experience, it is imposable to over dose on Marijuana to the point of death, after 5000 years of recorded use Marijuana not one case of death by over dose, yet are government trains us that it is a evil drug and the people smoking it and dealing it are evil to. Its not just the collage student catching a pot case, its not just the banker losing his job because he pissed dirty that's not what this about 750,000 people per year have there lives ruined.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Second American Revolution

  It is time for are right wing leaders to call for rebellion and for soldiers to refuse the commander in chief’s orders. There are thousands of right wing cell groups ready to be organized and are ready for a second American Revolution.

  How much more as Americans will we take? When will enough be enough? When the time comes, will our leaders listen or will they fight us, or will we need a second American Revolution? According to America's Declaration of Independence, which states: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

“We view ourselves on the eve of battle."

Sam Houston